Standard Setting (Cut score)

The cut score determines whether a test candidate passes or fails an exam. The standard or cut score of the exam is a very important step in the test development process. If the cut score is improperly set, it is possible that candidates who do not possess the required knowledge will pass the exam or conversely, candidates who possess the required amount of knowledge will fail the exam. Both of these outcomes can ruin a certification program and potentially harm a test taker's career.

Many methods for setting standards have been developed over the past several years. Your Mensor psychometrician will consult with you to identify which method is best for your program, and then lead you through the process. Supported methods include the Angoff, Bookmark, Borderline, and Contrasting Groups methodologies. The Mensor psychometric team will provide a written report of the standard setting process including a recommended cut score. When created using the methods recommended by Mensor, this cut score should reflect the performance of a candidate with the minimum level of knowledge required to be certified.