Form Assembly

Most certification exams have multiple forms (e.g., forms A, B, and C). The exam items are carefully assigned to forms that will be equivalent in content, level of difficulty, and fairness. After identifying the best items for your exam, the Mensor psychometric team will build your test form(s). The number of exam forms can vary depending on the number of test takers, propensity for cheating, and the number of available items. We will consult with you to help you make this decision.

For an exam to be fair to the test candidates, Mensor psychometricians build the test forms balancing the content, difficulty, time, and reliability of the items. Outcomes of this process include a report documenting the expected performance of the test forms and the suggested amount of time for candidates. As needed, a psychometrician will provide consultation via a teleconference call to explain the statistics and discuss the findings.