Item Development Software

Our item development software tool, Modus™, offers a simple, intuitive way to develop items for exams with the capability to generate pertinent queries and reports in a cost effective, secure, easy to use application. Modus™  can be used either as a stand-alone client on PCs or as a Web application.

Modus™ consists of two versions: Modus™ Pro and Modus™ SME.

Modus Pro is an advanced item development software tool. It was designed to be used for writing and developing items for exams where certain stages during an item’s development cycle must be monitored. Modus™ Pro has advanced reporting, querying, item banking, and monitoring capabilities. Modus™ Pro allows the user to import and export items using a variety of file formats.

Modus SME is designed to be used by subject matter experts (SMEs). SMEs are not test developers and consequently need a tool that will be user friendly, reliable, and make the item development process as “pain-free” as possible. Modus™ SME does not have the reporting, querying or import/export capabilities that Modus™ Pro has. Modus™ SME is designed to be used for item development only. It is secure in the sense that the item developer cannot export or print items from Modus™ SME. Items developed in Modus™ SME must be imported into Modus™ Pro for report generation, querying, import/export, and item bank management capabilities.